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Kik Messenger has so many users throughout the world but whats app leading the market as an online messaging app. We will discuss some of the main features of both the messaging app.
While Kik messenger is used worldwide with approximate 300 million user whats app also is leading with approx 1 billion users worldwide. Kik Messenger has most of the teenage users of USA and it has some restriction into it while Whatts app is a messaging and calling app which is used by anyone who is having a smartphone with an internet connection and a Sim card into it.
So, from this article, we will elaborate the difference between kik messenger and whats app messenger.
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One to one chat
Kik Messenger allows one to one chat and video call feature into it which helps the user to chat with text as well as on camera with their friends. A user will also send image, videos etc from Kik messenger to their friends easily.
Restrict unwanted user
Kik Messenger restricts unwanted user by giving the feature of block user. This helps to allow the user to restrict the chat of unwanted user. Kik messenger also restricts the user under 13 years of age. Kik Messenger also gives the authority to the parents to submit deactivation request for the child under 13 years of age.
Allow Internal app
Kik Messenger also allows internal app through its browser. This internal app including sticker apps, meme generator, and dating style apps which make the user to enjoy app, not just that.
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One to One chat and calls
Whats app messenger allows one to one chat and voice and video call as well. It allows voice and video call with the help of internet access. A user will also able to send image, videos, Gifs to their contact.
Restrict unwanted user
Whats app also restricts unwanted user by blocking the chat. whats app also give some additional feature is that user can restrict the display image is that only display image is shown to that contact whether the user wants.
Other features
Other features of whats app are that the user is able to share their mood to their friends. The user can also able to share the status of their friend. Whats app also allows notification alarm within the app.
Basically, Kik messenger is only a messaging app which has the feature of video calling whereas whats app is a messaging app and it is also used for calls.
So, from this article, I will discuss the difference between kik messenger and whats app.I hope this article will help the user to know the difference between these two.
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